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The Right Way To Protect Wood Floors

The Right Way To Protect Wood Floors

Selecting an applicable space rug is not going to only lead to intensify more character and color to your flooring, however will additional deduce to higher performance, improved practicality and can act as a protecting cowl to your so-called stunning wooden floor protection.

The two most outstanding and driving factors to remember while making these beautiful area rugs a member of your decor are pile content and the backing of your rug.

Fabric or material used to manufacture the rugs - There are lots of reasons why choosing a suitable rug by way of its pile content is important in keeping your wooden flooring unharmed and charming throughout the years to come. At first, the material should be breathable, particularly the backing of the rug. You need to go for a non staining material, as this would mean that any coloration or dye used in the manufacturing process is not going to bleed by way of or leak to your hardwood. Wool is considered to be some of the extensively used fiber, and is indeed valuable on account of its features like durability, long-lasting and breathable woven structure offering sufficient air flow to the floors.

Selecting a suitable backing is considered even more important as it's the back of the rug which is in direct contact along with your hard wooden floors. PVC backing (Polyvinyl-Based) is the cheapest form of backing available because it has some severe consequences. These backings are usually not monitored for non-poisonous or Volatile Natural Compound emissions, which means these are dangerous for folks around it. These can also completely discolor your wooden floors due to its chemical content. Keep away from choosing Synthetic Latex, as they make your rug's backing non-breathable. If you are caught at a medium worth range, we would advocate you to opt for a a hundred% pure rubber backing. These are made from rubber tree sap, are eco-friendly and provide non-stick grip to your floors. If funds shouldn't be a problem, and also you need a soft cushion to your feet and the rug, opt for one hundred% felt pads.

Other than the rug and its backing, there are particular common practices, which will help shield your wooden floors.

1. It's always advisable to remove all of the dust and dirt before placing your rug, as the continual grinding of these grime/dust particles over a certain time period may create scratches and hurt your hardwood flooring.

2. In high traffic areas, like hallways and entryways, opt for runner rugs. These runners will help in minimizing the damage and tear in high traffic areas.

3. Placing a large space rug or over sized rug beneath heavy furnishings (like couch set, dining set, etc.) in your seating area. This is not going to solely add some distinct taste to your decor however can even help in sustaining the life of your hardwood.